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"this artwork was exactly what I was looking for. absolutely bad ass.

August 02, 2023
Brad T.
Totally Satisfied

"Bought a print for my husband's mancave and he loved it!"

September 15, 2023
Tracy W.
Exceptional quality

"Purchased this because I love the Buffalo Bills and the quality is top tier."

October 18, 2023
John F.

"This artwork is amazing and looks even better on my wall!"

November 28, 2023
Steven F.

"The art was shipped and packaged well and it arrived undamaged. I would recommend to anyone who loves the Bills."

December 01, 2023
Jennifer G.

"This artwork looks so good and came true to size and quality displayed!!"

January 7, 2024
Stacy H.


Who We Are

best of the worst.

Based in Buffalo, New York, Sons of Erie is dedicated to transforming your spaces with striking, affordable art that serves as the perfect finishing touch. Our pieces are designed to make a bold statement, and become the focal point of any room. Featuring a diverse collection of artworks from talented artists, Sons of Erie offers art to decorate an apartment, mancave, or personal office space. As passionate fans of the Buffalo Bills and avid creators, we bring the spirit and resilience of our hometown into every piece of art we offer. So, whether you’re starting your first art collection or are a seasoned art enthusiast, Sons of Erie invites you to fill your space with life, color, and emotion. Embrace art in its most expansive form and let it inspire and elevate your daily life.